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Honey Flower 4300 g TM Yaroslav

Honey Flower 4300 g TM Yaroslav

Flower honey from TM "Yaroslav" is a natural and environmentally friendly honey of our own production. Our company has its own piaries, which are located far from harmful industries in the ecologically clean areas of Krolivets, Dymer and Boguslav. We are working on landscaping these territories with honey-bearing plants and trees.

  Flower honey is obtained due to the fact that the apiary is located near fields, flowering meadows, trees, where bees have access to a large number of honey-bearing plants. The final product absorbs the beneficial properties of each flower, acquiring a unique, rich taste and bright aroma.

  Flower honey is an exceptionally healthy treat, because it contains nectar from meadow and medicinal plants. It has a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, honey from different herbs is effective in the fight against colds, has a positive effect on the heart, liver, respiratory organs and immunity in general.

*The materials on the site are presented solely for viewing and informational purposes and are not intended for diagnosis, treatment, prevention of any disease or replacement of medical consultation or treatment. Personal results of using natural products can be enhanced. Contraindications are possible. Do not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Be sure to consult a doctor!

Composition: 100% natural honey

Weight: 4300 g

Weight 4300 g
Composition 100% natural honey

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Honey Flower 4300 g TM Yaroslav

Honey Flower 4300 g TM Yaroslav
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