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Bed linen set ob 535 Beige Elegant TM Yaroslav

Bed linen set ob 535 Beige Elegant TM Yaroslav

Biaz Elegant bedding set from TM Yaroslav is made of 100% cotton.

An excellent characteristic of this type of calico is the thinner structure of the fabric, thanks to which it dries faster after washing and practically does not shrink.

The linen absorbs moisture well and allows air to pass through, it is pleasant and comfortable to sleep on. The printed pattern does not fade in the sun and does not lose its saturation even after a large number of washing cycles.

Attention! Color and shade may differ from the presented photo depending on monitor settings (brightness, contrast, saturation), as well as lighting.

Please note that the location of the pattern on the pillowcases, duvet cover or bed sheet may differ from what is shown in the photo. Differences are possible due to the peculiarities of the location of the pattern on the fabric itself. The manufacturer does not consider such non-conformity as a defect, therefore such products are not subject to exchange or return.

Size and completeness:



one and a half (1.5)  

  • Blanket – 145x215 cm
  • Sheet  - 145x215 cm
  • Pillowcase - 2 pcs. - 70x70 cm

double (2.0)

  • Blanket  - 175x215 cm
  • Sheet  - 180x215 cm
  • Pillowcase - 2 pcs. - 70x70 cm 
euro (200x220)
  • Blanket - 200x215 cm
  • Sheet - 200x220 cm
  • Pillowcase - 2 pcs. - 70x70 cm 

Composition: 100% cotton

Density: 120 g/m2

Fabric type: Calico Elegant

Recommendations for care:

It is not recommended to use the product without first washing it!

• first wash at t water 30°-40°C;

• wash without soaking;

• wash in the correct view;

• fill the drum of the washing machine by 50% with laundry, to ensure effective, careful washing, easy rinsing;

• use washing powders for colored fabrics;

• resize after washing:

 on the base - up to 6%, on the weft - up to 3%;

• dry laundry immediately after washing;

• iron at t 200°С;

• iron embroidered items from the reverse side.

The size of the bed linen set one and a half, double, euro
Fabric type Calico Elegant
Composition 100% cotton
Density 120 g/m2
Color gray, pink
Design the flowers

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Bed linen set ob 535 Beige Elegant TM Yaroslav

Bed linen set ob 535 Beige Elegant TM Yaroslav
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