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Bed linen set Ranfors R125 TM Yaroslav

Bed linen set Ranfors R125 TM Yaroslav

Ranfors bed linen, just like ordinary calico, is made of 100% cotton. The difference is a thinner thread with a tighter weave. "Ranfors" bedding is characterized by softness, silkiness, hygroscopicity and excellent strength. The "Ranfors" bedding set is perfectly breathable, as it is a "breathable" and extremely comfortable material. "Ranfors" bed linen is perfectly washable and ironable. You can't help but like the colorful and bright picture!

* Attention: The picture of the pillowcase may differ slightly from the picture in the photos, but in any case it corresponds to the general style and color scheme.

Size and completeness:

one and a half size: pillowcase variations:


blanket 145x215 - 1 pc., sheet 145x215 - 1 pc., 50x70 - 2 pc.

double size (sheet 200x220): pillowcase variations:


blanket 175x215 - 1 pc., sheet 200x220 - 1 pc., 50x70 - 2 pc.

euro size: pillowcase variations:


blanket 200x215 cm - 1 pc., sheet 220x240 cm - 1 pc., 50x70 - 2 pcs.

euro+ size: pillowcase variations:


blanket 215x240 cm - 1 pc., sheet 220x240 cm - 1 pc., 50x70 cm - 2 pc.


Care recommendations:

It is not recommended to use the product without first washing it!

• first wash at t water 30°-40°C;

• wash without soaking;

• wash in the correct view;

• fill the drum of the washing machine by 50% with laundry, to ensure effective, careful washing, easy rinsing;

• use washing powders for colored fabrics;

• resizing after washing:

on the base - up to 6%, on the weft - up to 3%;

• dry clothes immediately after washing;

• iron at t 200°С;

• iron embroidered items from the reverse side.

The size of the bed linen set one and a half, double, euro, euro+
Fabric type Ranfors
Composition 100% cotton
Density 120 g/m2
Color beige
Design flowers

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Bed linen set Ranfors R125 TM Yaroslav

Bed linen set Ranfors R125 TM Yaroslav
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Bed linen set Ranfors R125 TM Yaroslav
Комплект чудовий. Малюнок вживу набагато цікавіший, дуже ніжний.

Тканина тонка, тому тим, хто хоче більш щільну, вибирайте бязь
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