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Everyone needs to sleep! During sleep, people rest, restore their strength and nerves. If you didn't sleep comfortably, then when you wake up, you will feel broken, exhausted and irritated. The mattress and pillow usually play the main role here.

But an even more important role is played by the fabric from which your bedding is made! After all, if it constantly slides, gets lost and does not allow air to pass, then you are guaranteed a restless night. And hence fatigue and neurosis! The choice of fabric for bed linen should be taken seriously!

It is necessary to take into account the following aspects:

  • fabric composition (preferably cotton, calico, satin);
  • density (optimal is 125-136 g / m2);
  • the quality of paints used when drawing;
  • ease of use (when washing and ironing).

Purchasing textiles for sewing bed linen will cost less and will allow you to choose the design and size for your set yourself. This is especially convenient if you need a non-standard set. For example, different forms of pillows or blankets of non-typical size are used.

Yaroslav company produces not only finished products, but also raw materials for sewing its products. Which guarantees the buyer excellent quality and durability of the manufactured goods.

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