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Any yarn is threads twisted from longitudinally and sequentially arranged fibers. It can be made of natural or synthetic fibers. For example, Yaroslav brand online store offers not only natural, but also synthetic types of yarn for knitting.

If we take into account its composition, the types of yarn are divided into single-sided or mixed. It is about the presence of one fiber or several types. Based on the structure of the yarn, single, twisted and shredded types are distinguished. The first option is formed by twisting fibers. The second - two or more threads, and the third - multiple threads twisted together.

Yarn in Ukraine, as well as in other countries, is mostly used for knitting clothes by manual or machine methods. Woolen, synthetic, and cotton types of yarn are most often used here. If we talk about beginners in the field of knitting, then they should stop their choice, first of all, on wool. This material is elastic, pliable, light. For example, the best varieties of wool can be purchased in the online store of the Yaroslav company. There it is thin with very long fibers. This type of yarn is made from the fur of certain animals.

It is worth noting that "pure" fur is not strong enough by nature. Therefore, it is simply impossible to make 100% fiber from it. The way out of this situation is supplementation with other fibers.

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