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We spend a significant part of our lives in sleep. During sleep, we improve our well-being, calm down and restore our strength. One of the most important attributes of a healthy, sound sleep is a pillow. Therefore, its selection and purchase should be   approached with all responsibility.

There are pillows with fillings made of feathers, buckwheat husks, and wool. And with artificial fillers made of sintepon, silicone, holofiber.

The advantages of pillows with fillings made of artificial materials are:

  • low price;
  • light weight;
  • ease of care;
  • hypoallergenicity.

Pay attention! When buying pillows, silicone should not come out with threads, be beaten into lumps. This textile element should be practically weightless, homogeneous, and have absolutely no extraneous smell. Silicone pillows must be washed. You can do it yourself at home in warm, soapy water or entrust it to a washing machine.

But, unfortunately, silicone is not durable. It will serve you for only a couple of years, after which it will begin to crumble and crumble. In order for your pillow to serve you longer, do not wash the product at a high temperature and do not keep the product under the bright rays of the sun.

Thanks to the low cost, you can easily replace your pillow with a new one.

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