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      Today, textiles are given almost one of the priority places in the creation of interior design. Well-chosen elements, such as blankets, curtains, towels, tablecloths and bed linen, make any home as cozy as possible.

     In this regard, the online bedding store "Yaroslav" offers its customers to buy textile products of its own production at a favorable price. It is worth noting that it is in consistently high demand not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Canada, the USA, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, as well as in the European and Baltic countries.

     Production advantages of the Yaroslav company:

  • modern equipment;
  • advanced processing, painting and drawing technologies;
  • high-quality raw materials;
  • strict quality control.

    Types of fabrics used for bed linen

      Bed linen in Kyiv, announced by the aforementioned manufacturer, is distinguished by a wide range of products. Colorfulness and originality of the photo print with landscapes and animals, addressed to those who prefer expressive and fashionable details in the design of the bedroom. In addition, it also differs from the point of view of the use of fabrics.

  1. Cotton fabric or calico.
  2. Satin.
  3. Jacquard.
  4. Cora.
  5. Flannel.


     As you know, calico is a little harder than chintz and the thickening of the threads is clearly visible in its structure. It is made of 100% cotton. Lilac bed linen of the "Yaroslav" company withstands a large number of intensive washes, is perfectly ironed and is relatively inexpensive. It is elegant and reliable, which guarantees a long service life. Such properties as hygiene, lightness and aesthetics make the above-mentioned type of textile products truly environmentally friendly.

     Of course, you can buy bed linen in Kyiv, which is not expensive. We are talking about satin  options, practically unchanged over time. Even with weekly use, it will be enough to adjust the sheet and shake the pillows - and everything will look neat and fresh, as if it had just been laid. Satin underwear has the noble shine of silk, while it is much cheaper. The front side is glossy and smooth, and the reverse side is matte and rough. However, unlike silk options, satin bed linen bought in Kyiv does not slide, but holds firmly on the mattress. Bed linen, which many people want to buy only from such a material as jacquard, has a luxurious look and unsurpassed operational characteristics. Despite the high cost, it is widely used in the production of "Yaroslav" company. This mainly applies to elite interiors. At the same time, sleeping products made of this material require careful care: delicate washing with special detergents without spinning. When drying them, direct sunlight should be avoided, and when ironing, iron only from the reverse side.

     If it becomes necessary to buy bed linen made of crepe or bark, then you should remember the specifics of its heat treatment, which gives the cotton fabric the effect of brevity. This makes the bark very strong and durable. Such a unique option offered by the Yaroslav company practically does not shed and does not require ironing. Soft and light cotton fabric with combed pile, called flannel, allows you to buy bed linen in Ukraine, which perfectly retains heat. It is an ideal option for a comfortable rest in the cold season.

     Priority of purchasing bed linen in the company "Yaroslav"

     Currently, many manufacturers offer to buy bed linen in Ukraine, but only with the help of the Yaroslav company can you find textiles for the home that are ideal in all respects. If the task of the buyer is to choose a product of good quality, then the task of the aforementioned manufacturer is to offer the best quality at an affordable price. What, actually, he has been doing for many years.

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