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Kitchen towels

Every housewife uses towels every day. In the kitchen, as a rule, you can find several types at once: for dishes, hands and for furniture. Towels are also used in the bathroom: for the face, hands and feet. And don't forget that they need to be changed often.

Towels should have a number of the following qualities:

  • be made of cotton fabrics;
  • absorb moisture well;
  • be pleasant to the touch;
  • must be painted with high-quality and harmless dyes;
  • should be easy to push away.

The requirements for their quality are great, as are the tasks we set before them. The best choice is the towels of the "Yaroslav" company, made of waffle fabric. They absorb moisture very well, even if they are wet, they dry quickly.

Every hostess will definitely appreciate this quality. After all, in the kitchen she performs many tasks related to water: wash vegetables, wash dishes, rinse the cloth after wiping the dining table, etc.

After each completed cycle, wet hands remain, which the hostess wipes with a towel 100 times a day. And if it does not dry quickly, you will have to constantly run for its replacement. Towels are simply necessary, they perform many functions, helping us in the household and saving our time!

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