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Esthetic component, as well as the ability to conduct household affairs are known to any representative of the fairer sex. Each of them strives to make their home beautiful and comfortable for its residents and guests. With this in mind, there are some nuances that require special attention, such as, for example, terry towels.

Only the Yaroslav company can answer simple questions about the number of towels in the house and their quality. It has been engaged in the production and sale of various textile products for many years, among which the above-mentioned personal hygiene items are in particular demand. Therefore, if there is a need to buy towels in Kyiv, then first of all you should contact there only.

Various types of towels for the home

Since terry towels are unique items, every home should have enough of them. And, as you know, they can be divided into several groups, depending on the "scope of application".

  • Bath towels. These are large terry products, the dimensions of which reach 140-150 cm in length and 70-100 cm in width. Most often, they are made of cotton fabric, which is characterized by increased absorption characteristics.
  • Beach towels. The appearance of such options is represented by thin terry cloth or medium-sized velor - 90x150 cm. It is worth noting that they are not recommended for use in places with high humidity, as they are less durable and practical: the bright color will immediately fade.
  • Towels for hands or feet. They can be made of terry or other dense fabrics, which are usually used in the production of the Yaroslav company. Such medium sizes as 50x90 cm, 40x70 cm, 70x140 cm once again confirm the individuality of their use.
  • Toilet napkins. If it is necessary to buy a towel intended for intimate hygiene, then it cannot be used in other places, that is, in the kitchen or on the beach. The small dimensions of such textile products - 40x70 cm, indicate the possibility of their use outside the home.
  • Children's towels. They are usually represented by fringe with bright colors or applications. For maximum convenience, they are made small, i.e. 50x90 cm.
  • Kitchen towels. This type can be made of linen or cotton with a soft and light texture. Sometimes it is even called a "waffle towel", drying dishes or products with them while in the kitchen.

Factors that must be taken into account when buying towels from the company "Yaroslav"

     As you know, to buy a towel in Kyiv, made of cotton or linen fabric, you need to visit more than one store. Therefore, today many housewives use the online store of the aforementioned manufacturer. Do not buy towels that contain up to 50% synthetic fibers. Undoubtedly, at first they will be both light and bright, and dry quickly, but during their use, poor moisture absorption and unpleasant sensations of "creaking" are not entirely pleasant additions. In addition, such towels can leave colored marks and spoil other fabrics.

     When you need to buy a beach towel, you should stop your choice not on terrycloth, but on waffle varieties. They will be much lighter and smaller in volume, but at the same time they will absorb moisture well and wash well.

     Of course, you should buy linen towels for the kitchen, as they are easy to wash and dry quickly. In addition, this type of material is very easy to smooth and absorbs moisture well, leaving no lint.

If there are people in the family with allergic or dermatological problems, the number of towels in the bathroom must increase. A similar situation can be observed in the presence of children. In this case, you should turn to towels with bamboo fibers, which are a natural antibacterial agent, neutralizing the effect of pathogenic microorganisms. Along with this, you can buy not only bamboo towels in Kyiv from the "Yaroslav" company, but also other textile products - for example, bed linen, pillows, bedspreads. They are absolutely hypoallergenic and retain their properties even after long-term use.

     It is worth noting that when inspecting the product, if there is such an opportunity, you should pay attention to its marking. When the letter "M" is indicated there, the product may contain synthetic fibers. In the case of the combination of the letters "PC", the composition of the towels includes polyester cotton. In addition to this, you should buy a towel only after its thorough inspection - the uniformity of dyeing, the silkiness of the fabric, the absence of an unpleasant chemical smell. You can run the back of your hand or a napkin over its surface - and determine its quality.

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