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Sets of children's bedding

A child's comfortable sleep is impossible without quality bed linen. After all, children spend most of their lives in bed during the first few years. But even as they grow older, they cannot do without it: they need a full, healthy sleep. Therefore, parents should choose with special care such sleep accessories as pillowcases, sheets and blankets.

The "Yaroslav" brand offers sets of children's bedding in several standard sizes. They differ not only in terms of bedding, but also in their quantity (one or two pillowcases). It will be very convenient for families with several children.

In addition to the size grid, buyers of the Yaroslav online store can choose bed linen sets for their children that differ in fabric types. They include both natural and synthetic fibers. These are three types of calico, satin, fringe and flannel.

And what is very important for a child is the presence of different colors of pillowcases, sheets and blankets. The options offered by the manufacturer are very beautiful, decorated with charming drawings and applications. With their help, you can turn your son's or daughter's bed into a real cozy nest.

However, no matter what bed linen the buyer chooses, it will be perfectly breathable, absorb moisture and retain its color even after numerous washes.

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