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     Today's constantly changing world simply cannot exist without certain symbols of coziness and comfortable pastime. This can be considered both an adult and a children's blanket. Even the knights of Scotland used classic checkered fabric options for kilts, and later they were transformed into bedding. Perhaps that is why, in the minds of most people, plaids are associated with large, soft blankets.

     Today, whoever decides to purchase a plaid in Kyiv with the help of the Yaroslav company becomes the owner of a unique item that perfectly replaces old sofa covers or capes. After all, only high-quality materials of different colors are used for its production.

     Types of blankets of the "Yaroslav" company depending on fabric components

     Since these textile products should be pleasant to the touch, when choosing the right option, you should pay attention to its composition. This is due to the fact that the blankets in Kyiv offered by the aforementioned manufacturer are made of natural materials:

  • Wool (merino and New Zealand);
  • Acrylic;
  • Fleece;
  • Cotton.

     All these fabrics allow the finished product to look good, be warm, but at the same time differ in light weight, wear resistance and texture.

     Wool plaid

     According to the information presented by the company's specialists, the most popular are woolen options. And this despite the fact that their cost is high and many times higher than cotton analogues. At the same time, such blankets are characterized by special strength and "thermal support". If you buy a woolen blanket from the Yaroslav company, you can feel comfortable under it even in the summer. This material is perfect for those people who have weak immunity, suffer from allergies or rheumatic diseases.

     Acrylic plaid

     Acrylic can very often be replaced by such names as "orlon", "nitron" or "prelan", reflecting its belonging to polyacrylic fibers. The external similarity with woolen blankets sometimes confuses buyers, although such artificial wool is still endowed with many unique characteristics. The modern version of the acrylic blanket in Kyiv at the Yaroslav company is practically not burdened by the complexity of the drawings and has a wide range of color palettes. It is worth noting that in the presented options, the fibers are dyed very well, that is, the shades are saturated, stable and deep. They retain their original attractive appearance for a long time.

     Fleece plaid

     A fleece blanket from the Yaroslav company is considered a real miracle for a country house or country house. It is often used as a down scarf, which is very warm and cozy. Caring for such a textile product is quite simple - it can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at standard mode. In addition, such blankets are very different in color, so it is very easy to choose it according to your taste or interior.

     Cotton plaid

     The cotton blanket purchased in Kyiv using the electronic catalog of the "Yaroslav" company is soft, fluffy, wear-resistant and light. Strength and hypoallergenicity are some of the distinctive features that make even any children's blanket universal. Unique comfort and coziness will become possible only when using these high-quality textile products.

     Varieties of the cut of plaids from the company "Yaroslav"

      As practice shows, most housewives, having decided to purchase a blanket from the Yaroslav company, use it as bedspreads. This is how they save money and decorate their home, and the new impressions arising from the correctly selected option will only be positive. At the same time, it is worth remembering that they have some differences in terms of production, especially if it is a knitted blanket.

     Types of plaid cut:

  • Tissues;
  • Knitted
  • Complete;
  • Partial.

     After potential buyers decide to buy blankets from the "Yaroslav" company, they can really feel protected by wrapping themselves in them. This applies not only to the cold, but also to all kinds of negative phenomena of modern life.

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