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Honey Acacia 1300 g TM Yaroslav

Honey Acacia 1300 g TM Yaroslav

Acacia honey from TM "Yaroslav" is a natural and ecologically clean honey of our own production. Our company has its own piaries, which are located far from harmful industries in the ecologically clean areas of Krolivets, Dymer and Boguslav. We are working on landscaping these territories with honey-bearing plants and trees.

Acacia honey has a very delicate taste and wonderful aroma, which cannot be confused with any other types of honey. One of the main advantages of acacia honey is that it has a liquid consistency and does not crystallize for a long time, maintaining its fluidity for at least one year.

Acacia honey is an exceptionally healthy delicacy. It can be used even with diabetes, because insulin is not needed for its processing.

Other useful properties of this product include the following:

- has a sedative effect, helps with insomnia, increases the body's endurance during high mental stress;

- normalizes blood pressure;

- improves digestion, cleanses the liver and kidneys;

- strengthens the immune system, indicated after long-term illnesses, including for children over 2 years old;

- increases hemoglobin, improves blood formation, therefore it is indispensable for people of any age;

- has regenerating and antiseptic properties.

*The materials on the site are presented solely for viewing and informational purposes and are not intended for diagnosis, treatment, prevention of any disease or replacement of medical consultation or treatment. Personal results of using natural products can be enhanced. Contraindications are possible. Do not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Be sure to consult a doctor!

Composition: 100% natural honey

Weight: 1300 g

Composition 100% natural honey
Вес 1300 g

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Honey Acacia 1300 g TM Yaroslav

Honey Acacia 1300 g TM Yaroslav
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