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Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav
  • Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav
  • Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav

Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav

Sunflower honey from TM "Yaroslav" is a natural and environmentally friendly honey of our own production. Our company has its own apiaries, which are located far from harmful industries in the ecologically clean areas of Krolivets, Dymer and Bohuslav. We are working on landscaping these territories with honey-bearing plants and trees.

Sunflower honey has a tart and delicate taste with barely perceptible sourness. Its aroma is light, subtle, unobtrusive. The color palette of this honey can be very diverse - from light amber to a rich mustard shade. Compared to other varieties of honey, it contains a record amount of glucose. When honey crystallizes (which happens quite quickly), a white coating forms on the surface. This is glucose in its pure form. It has excellent therapeutic and prophylactic properties of a wide range of action.

The beneficial properties of sunflower honey are amazing. It has a powerful positive effect on:

- skin: has an antiseptic and wound-healing effect;

- immunity: helps in the fight against viral and bacterial infections, increases tone, invigorates, increases the endurance of the body;

- nervous system: has a general calming effect on the body, helps with insomnia;

- the cardiovascular system: normalizes blood pressure, strengthens vessel walls, normalizes the work of the heart muscle, which helps prevent heart attacks and strokes;

- gastrointestinal tract and liver: metabolism improves, intestinal colic is eliminated, liver is cleansed.

Regular consumption of sunflower honey ensures balanced work of all systems of the human body.

*The materials on the site are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent any disease or replace medical advice or treatment. Personal results of using natural products can be enhanced. Contraindications are possible. Do not engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Be sure to consult a doctor!

Composition: 100% natural honey

Weight: 250 g

Weight 250 g
Composition 100% natural honey

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Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav

Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav
  • Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav
  • Honey Sunflower 250 g TM Yaroslav
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