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Yarn cotton 14/2 No.1 white 50g/350m TM Yaroslav

Yarn cotton 14/2 No.1 white 50g/350m TM Yaroslav

Cotton yarn is a natural fiber of plant origin. Cotton is stronger than wool, although less strong than linen or silk. Comparing it with other vegetable fibers, it can be noted that the warming effect of cotton is higher than that of flax. Products made of cotton yarn are well suited for the off-season: for spring/autumn hats, summer hats, etc.

In terms of fiber composition, a thread made of fibers of the same type is uniform. By its structure, the thread is twisted, that is, it is formed on twisting machines by twisting two threads. When untwisted, it breaks up into component threads. The fibers of the threads are dyed before the start of spinning, which ensures the threads of the highest quality.

*Attention! Color and shade may vary depending on monitor settings (brightness, contrast, saturation) and lighting.


- hygiene;

- hypoallergenicity;

- high breathability;

- hygroscopicity;

- resistance to the action of alkali (before washing);

- easily absorbs moisture;

- soft to the touch;

- dyes well;

- practically does not burn out.


- sits heavily;

- dries for a long time;

- cotton becomes less durable under direct sunlight.


14 is the length of a single thread, the weight of which is equal to 1 g.

2 is the number of single threads twisted together.

The higher the number, the thinner and lighter the thread.

Recommended knitting needles #3-3.5

The knitting needles are chosen depending on the desired knitting density.

Length 350 m
Thread thickness 14/2
Weight 50 g
Composition 100% cotton
Color white

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Yarn cotton 14/2 No.1 white 50g/350m TM Yaroslav

Yarn cotton 14/2 No.1 white 50g/350m TM Yaroslav
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